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Mene & MoyProduct Summary

Mene & Moy chemical peels are a medical peel and can only be carried out by trained doctors and nurses. They are not available in the high street and should not be confused with very mild and gentle glycolic peels available from beauty therapists.

The Mene & Moy skincare range which accompany the peel products as part of an at-home treatment programme contain powerful concentrations of vitamin C (collagen and elastin stimulators), phytic acid (stabilises melanin - skin pigment) and glycolic acid (exfoliates) combined with soothing and nourishing chamomile, vitamins E and A, shea butter, orchid oils and bisabolol (an anti-irritant derived from chamomile) to achieve well tolerated, effective anti-ageing skin creams.

What do Mene & Moy chemical peels contain?

Depending on the particular Mene & Moy chemical peel product used, it may contain: Glycolic, Salicylic, Trichloroacetic (TCA), Phytic, Azelaic, Kojic or Retinoic acids. (See product range details below for further information).

Is this a superficial, medium or deep peel?

Superficial to medium depth peels.

What skin problems do they claim to treat?

The Mene & Moy chemical peel range, in combination with special at-home skincare creams, can treat various skin conditions and disorders.

They can be used to freshen up the skin and can help to treat acne, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, photodamage, rough texture and ageing skin. Some formulations within the range are also suitable for treating stretch marks and melasma.

They can be used on the face, the neck, the chest, the body and the hands. Most, but not all, are suitable for all skin types/colours.

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